Project Name              North East Power System Connecting Northern Towns Programme - 20 and 0.4KV Distribution Network - Khulm
Contract No         201065283-Lot5 
Contract Name Afghan Electrical Power Corporation (AEPC) - Gammon India Limited JV 
Donor         Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) 
Client         Ministry of Energy & Water- Afghanistan.
Client's Engineer Fichtner GmbH and Co.KG 
Contract Start        18-jun-14
Contract End
Contract Duration

 Scope of work

Complete design, engineering, layout, manufacturing, transport, construction/ installation, testing, commissioning, trial operation and training of DABS staff and providing as Build documents for the following:
1. 20 kV OHL for a length of 15.2 km.
2. 20kV  underground  power cables for connection  for a total length of 0.5 km.
3. 7 (seven) 20l0AkV  -400kV A prefabricated  compact  substations
4. 1 (one) 20/0,4kV  -630kVA prefabricated  compact  substation
5.23 (twenty three) 20 I  0,4kV-150kVA  pole mounted  transformer  stations.6. 45 (forty-five) km ofOAkY distribution network.  including the house connection equipment.  The house connection equipment contains all equipment and work up to the meters. In case of normal houses metering panels with four or six single phase meters in one lockable metal clad box have to be mounted at poles. For important buildings a three phase meter have to be connected in the house.