Project Name    North East Power System Connecting Northern Towns Programme - 20 and 0.4KV Distribution Network - Marmol
Contract No      201065283-Lot4
Contract Name  Afghan Electrical Power Corporation (AEPC) - Gammon India Limited JV
Donor   Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)
Client      Ministry of Energy & Water- Afghanistan.
Client's Engineer Fichtner GmbH and Co.KG

Scope of work

Complete design, engineering, layout, manufacturing, transport, construction/ installation, testing, commissioning, trial operation
and training of DABS staff: 
    and providing as Build documents for the following:
1. 20 kV Over Head Line  for a length of 3.3 km.
2. 8 (eight) 20/0.4 kV pole mounted transformer stations (5X250 kVA and 3X100 kVA)
3. 0.4 kV distribution network, including the house connection equipment for a length of 9 km.