A list of Our Completed Projected


  • Kabul 100MW Balance of Plant, 110KV Switchyard and 110kV Tr Lx entire Construction, Including Civil Works).
  • CNP - design, civil work and installation of 110kVT line and 20kV double circuit power lines.
  • IRCON - Aybak Civil Works for 220/20 kV Substation.
  • Qalat city electrifications Rehabilitation (Design/Built Project - Including Construction of Junction Station building, Power Plant Station building, Transformer Station Buildings etc.).
  • Transmission Line of 110kV - 67km (from Kabul to Sarobi)
  • Kandahar 9MW Power Plant (Breshna Kot).
  • Installation of 20KV, 400V and Power House Distribution for City of Aybak.
  • Mazar-e-Sharif Industrial Park Power Plant "8 MVA of Power".
  • Kandhar Industrial Park Power Plant "9 MVA of Power".
  • Supply, Installation of a Complete Power Plant Connected to the 20 k V Distribution Networks for ANP National Police Training Center (NTC) Maydan –Wardak Province, Afghanistan (Design/Built).
  • JAF 1 Maintenance Hanger Electrical Upgrade North Side Cantonment Area, Kabul Intl Airport, Afghanistan.
  • Supply & installation of Qty 2 450KVA Stand by diesel Generator, Da Afghanistan Bank.
  • Supply, delivery, installation and training of quantity two (2) 110/20kV-20MVA transformers in Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan.
  • Kabul Solar Street Lights (Phase II ), Kabul, Afghanistan.
  • Supply & installation of MV & LV cables, Pad mounted Transformers, Pad mounted Switchgear and all other electrical items/hardware to complete the system.
  • Supply and Installation of Transformer and Cables for Electrification of MUD 473 Wells (AL-05, 07, 08, 12, 13, 14, 15, LG - 11 & Nasaji Wells NS – 02 & NS - 03).
  • Renovation of Junction Stations 2, 7 & 12.
  • Construction of Indian Chancery Building at Kabul-Afghanistan SH-Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of substation equipment, DG Set installation and water supply pumping set etc.
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