Rehabilitation and Extension of Charikar, Gulbahar and Jebel-e-Seraj Distribution Networks

Survey, Procurement, Supply, Installation, Testing/Commissioning and hand over of completed works. 

Electrical Works:

  • Pre-stressed concrete/steel Pole installation : Foundation survey, excavation, pole installation and completion of foundation, including site reinstatement, total approx. 3,200 Poles
  • Installation of MV structures single /double circuits, including all works for a completed structure
    • Over head MV Line ACSR Conductor installation, including stringing, sagging, jumpers, connections, joints, clamping to support structures and for covered conductor installation of arc protection devices, approx. 275 km
    • Medium Voltage Underground cable laying with all the required accessories – 10 km
    • Low Voltage Underground cable laying with all the required accessories – 39 km
    • ABC Low Voltage cable stringing with all the required accessories – 109 km
    • Low Voltage Distribution Switch Board with all the required accessories – 177 pcs
  • Installation of pole/platform mounted distribution transformers (63 – 630kVA) and indoor/pad mounted transformers, approx. 125 Nos.

Civil Works:

  • Construction of 3 complex warehouses including rooms, offices, bathrooms
  • Construction of 1 junction station building and administration facility/buildings (design-built).
  • Guard house towers
  • Asphalt yard, sub roads, stone boundary walls (design-built)

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  Work Includes:

  • Pole Installation

  • Installation of MV Structure

  • Installation of distribution transformers



  End User: